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As a result, the zodiac constellations have moved their positions to be approximately one month out of synch with your daily horoscopes. This is believed to have esoteric power and influence over our lives and daily routines. Someone born under the sign of Aries most likely was born under the sign of Pisces and so on. Capricorn — January 20 to February Aquarius — February 16 to March Pisces — March 11 to April Aries — April 18 to May Taurus — May 13 to June Gemini — June 21 to July Hunter; voice, J. Dupuy: harmony, N. I Ridderhof ; piano.

Will Ciarrowa,y; violin, H. Walberg; flute, W. A free parlor con-wt, for both ladles and gentlemen. This room has re- esntiy been fitted with handsome Wil-on ' rues and a fine piano, and the proceeds of a concert given by the glee club last nifht. Ctrly Newspaper and Passenger Sarvioe. UTanifemui htve been o4 with tin '.? It ro-r. WTH H14 t itrttt. M h - u Ui ewibirialeTa - i. TiLu; rc. Pomtsg has a : and three children. Warrants for his arrest have been eworn out by the girl's brother-in-law. Johnston, ' charging abduction. Baghv has offered a reward for the apprehension of the manager.

Although telegraph descriptions of the pair have been sent broadcast over the State, there U as yet no clue to their whereabouts. Sportsmen of this section are much elated over the action taken. Hereafter the taking of bucks wi:i not be legal until after September 1. The dove season has been shortened also, the open season hereafter to begin upon August 1.

Safe-crackers blew up the. Five detonations were heard by, the Exeter people, but nobody Investigated. The robbers escaped in a stolen rig, and probably came to Vlsalia. The horse returned home thW morning, showing evidence of a hard drive. Sheriff Collins is working on the mw.

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Ha sav it looks like the work of experts. The men first stole colls of wire fencing made of baroea wire and formed a wire breastwork on tho sidewalk in front of the bank. An unidentified man was struck and instantly killed by east-bound, limited train No. A thick fog made It impossible for the man to see the oncoming train until it was too late to escape. The Elks have fixed on Jamtary 29 as the date of tho dedication of their new J Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler Ward of Pasadena will be invited to fill the chief office on the occasion, and an Elk from ls Angeles will be asked to deliver the ora-', tlon.

Invitations will be issued to members of the order in Los Angeles and other Southern California towns and in San Francisco. A San. Francisco architect Is drawing preliminary plans for the bank building, which is to be erected by the Bakersfield Security Company when that concern changes its organization to that of a trust company. The secretary of one of the local building and loan associations quotes, as. The City Board of Education has let tho contract for the proposed new four-room schoolbeuse -in the.

This is exclusive of the heating and ventilating plant, and the painting and tinting. The administrator of the estate of William T. V Better fatoes.

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Henry E. Christopher, who for ten years has been mourned as dead by his relatives, returned yesterday. He has three times been legally declared' defunct in. His estate was long ago administered. His life Insurance policies have been paid and the money spent long ago by thet beneficiaries.

He caxae back as quietly and unexpectedly " as. He will give no explanation whatever of hl3 absence. At the time of his disappearance Christopher was employed as a salesman in a local grocery store.

No, NASA Did Not Change Your Zodiac Sign — And They Have No Plans To

Several months later a human body, mutilated beyond recognition by coyotes, was found on the plains west of here, and, no other person having disappeared, it was concluded that these were the remains of Christopher. A funeral service was held and the relatives of the young man inourned him aa dead. A petition for the administration of Christopher's estate was filed, he was declared to have died on July 14, the date on which he disappeared, and the property was divided among his relau.

His heirs secured the South "Dakota property with little difficulty, the courts of that State confirming' the finding of the California courts without hesitation, but there was more trouble in the case of the insurance money. The case hung in the Nebraska courts for almost two years, but finally they, too, decreed Christopher, to be dead,. During Christopher's absence his father and brother died, but Jiis sister snd mother are still living. He walked into his sister's home, yesterday unannounced, and met his relatives without any demonstration of emotion. When told that his father and brother were dead, he showed little or no feeling.

Beyond saying that he had not been out of California during the entire ten years. Christopher refused to talk of his absence. Anybody with a partner knows that these two are related. Your ruling Sun enters Taurus on the 20 th , bringing stability and determination. Enjoy the good vibes at home.

It aligns with two planets there on the 2 nd first Neptune and later that night with the Moon bringing an unconventional solution to a tricky problem. Turn on to cosmic advice, which is never wrong. - Your favorite newspapers and magazines.

The Virginid Meteor Shower peaks on the 12th, bringing you self-assurance. Your perfectionism is appreciated, so stop apologizing for being a badass.

Daily Horoscope: November 8th - November 10th

Your constellation also hosts the Full Moon April 19 th supporting more self-love. And get ready to kick off Taurus season April 20 th. Let your spiritual values steer you into spring. Venus stays in that house, lining up with dreamy Neptune on the 9 th. Maybe you are already living the dream.

After all, look at all the love around you. The Virginid Meteor Shower shines a light on your Subconscious Sector April 12 th , illuminating your deeper values, as well as any self- defeating tendencies you should abandon. You are well aware of your blessings this month. Put your stinger away and make nice, Scorpio. April is about good vibes and socializing.

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The Virginid Meteor shower peaks in your House of Friendship and Community April 12 th blasting cosmic love through your tribe. Buy the lotto ticket, ask for the raise, pawn the guitar. Well, maybe not the guitar. Today is a good day for some extra cash. Your best day this month is the 28th, when the Alpha -Scorpiids blast you with celestial mojo.

Radiate self-assurance. Surprise, Archer. We got you a present. Your ruling planet Jupiter has a special gift for you this month. Its largest moon, Ganymede, appears on the 12 th in your House of Karma. This is easy to see with binoculars. Good deeds pay off. When the Sun enters the constellation Taurus on the 20 th , it activates your Marriage House.

This can represent romantic relationships or even business partnerships. Whoever it is that has your back this month, let them know they are appreciated. A little bit of thank you goes a long way. On the 23 rd , your constellation hosts a meteor shower generating from nearby Lyra. Expect a boost in self-confidence. Dance it out if you need to. On the 25 th , your constellation hosts a Moon-Saturn alignment that will present as a bad mood. It will pass, but try not to send any emails that day.