Scorpio Horoscope today January 1 2015

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Then visit: www. Scorpio Daily Wednesday 9th October You could feel under acute pressure from people who seem determined to try to pin you down.

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Although it may feel easier to start a fight and blame the other party than to bravely assert your needs, resist! Find a way to broach the subject before your suppressed anger blows up like a volcano—better yet, take a short timeout until cooler heads prevail. Have your cake and comfort food AND your nights on the couch too. But make sure you're running primarily on clean fuel. Fill up with fall superfoods like apples, kale, sweet potatoes and pomegranates, and you'll come alive. If you're bored with your fitness routine, a group class could be the perfect reboot.

After all, squats are easier when you do 'em with a squad! Get the Horoscope Guide! Scorpio Daily Horoscope.

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Tuesday, October 8, Simply irresistible! So am I!

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The Moon, a personal planet which represents your day-to-day affairs, teams up with Neptune and Pluto, which symbolise your life as a whole. Consider any option available. Even the most unlikely ideas could help open new doors.

Happy new year!

Now that you have stunned colleagues into silence by your dramatic show of inspiration and energy, you must be magnanimous. Generosity in victory is a trait which will be much admired. On the other hand, you are entitled to give yourself a pat on the back — even if nobody else does! Just remember that those old planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are as likely to bring joy and satisfaction as problems and self-doubt. Now that the planetary alignments are so positive, please try to emphasise the former qualities at the expense of the latter: believe in yourself!

Venus and Mercury are still sending sensational messages to your sign, guaranteeing that ideas will be flowing thick and fast.