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Call , email timberlandfyshwick gmail. Beautiful crafted furniture including Beds, Dining tables, chairs, living room pieces, entertainment and much much more. We can create that perfect one off piece or something to match your existing furniture. Professionals who value good customer care WITH a strong Antarctic focus, Mawson is not only named after the Antarctic explorer, Sir Douglas Mawson, but its street names also illustrate an Antarctic exploration theme.

At its heart is a busy shopping precinct that offers a range of retail shops and cafes, from dental care to physiotherapy and more. Call arthritic conditions. Australian club opens new kitchen with a dinner THE Austrian Australian Club will celebrate authentic, made-with-love food at the grand opening of its refurbished kitchen on September After the opening by the Austrian ambassador, Bernhard Zimburg, Sean says the night will be filled with music, speeches and wonderful food.

Call , email mail austrianclubcanberra. We can cater for weddings, parties, anniversaries etc.

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Once you have experienced the friendly atmosphere of the Club and had a meal in the restaurant, you will be back! But no matter what service people need, Stacey.

Call or visit capitalchemist. Dentist offers comfort and care FOR more than 25 years, Gleam Dentistry has been offering its dental services to the Mawson area. Headed by principal dentist Dr Haifa Amin, who has more than 25 years in the dental industry, Gleam Dentistry is a small, family-oriented practice that prides itself on its personal, caring service.

Visit gleamdentistry. Since she was little she always loved planting flowers with her dad, so when she started her floristry apprenticeship she was in absolute awe with what she could put together. Kayla provides arrangements for events such as weddings, funerals, award nights, birthdays and parties, and while she says her style is different from other florists, her main focus is her customers. Call , email missmuffets outlook. I have always loved nature and everything about it since being a little girl.

So, when I started my floristry apprenticeship I was in absolute awe and so excited that I could create something so beautiful with a part of nature, flowers. I would take them home just to watch them bloom and grow day after day into these amazing artworks originally created by earth. That feeling is one of the reasons why I wanted to start my business and share it with the world. Monday-Thursday 8. BluePackets offer a range of support services and tailor our support agreements to suit your business.

The broad skill set of our team means we can provide you with a total IT solution or complement your existing IT resources. A Canberra based business providing local IT support. Sugerman is always being told that maths and music go together, but although she loves the subject, especially trigonometry, she says music is her first love.

At The Playhouse, 1. Sugerman, too, has been drawn in and Weiss reports that she has a good ear for the colour, sound and lush romanticism of film music. With the end of year 12 looming, Sugerman can only fit in one to three hours a day for practice, but finds occasional time to perform local, private gigs, while working by email on a release with Universal Music. Juggling school and music is never easy but her parents have been incredibly supportive. Bookings to premier. At 20 National Circuit, Forrest, No bookings required.

He, centre manager Yung Tran and members of the community are organising a public birthday bash with entertainment and a barbecue at Cooleman Court, 10am-2pm, on Saturday, September All details at westoncccentre. Bookings to Italian horror film of all time, in which ballet musicadacamera. Small matter that arguments about this theory still rage in academia. The plot develops with encounters between the four protagonists and a rip-roaring row between Wil and Emilia when she finds out that he is married.

Day two at Canberra, Australia

Mind you, at that time she was also married, so Clelland has been talking to the cast about double standards. Kauffman says he and Europe than Shakespeare and whose profihas six more plays on the go already. If that strikes you as macabre, wait till you see his creations on screen. Its main focus is the spectacular showings of collections, theatrical experiences rather than a foray into the marketplace.

Many of the garments look as though their proper place would be in museum displays of theatrical costumes. Certainly, most of them look uncomfortable and even impractical. Perhaps not. Death, human skulls, blood and cruelty occur frequently. Live footage passages showing interviews with friends and family speak about a man whose life came to us only through exposure in upper-class media.

His powerfully novel visual creative initiatives were often tortured. Having heard of him, we move on to other matters more relevant in our lives. The film delivers a portrait of a man whom few would care to meet and with whom we would share little. At Palace Electric. Get ringside for a rare theatrical combo: engrossing storytelling paired with the visceral thrill of laive boxing. In the 65 thrilling minutes that make up Prize Fighter, Future D. Fidel manages to say more about our world and internal lives than many playwrights do in a lifetime.

Daily Review The most perfectly structured, brilliantly produced and best acted new play… Stunning blow from one-time boy soldier. Tempranillo and what the heck? The capital of Galicia in north-western Spain houses the cathedral, which is the spiritual gathering place of the pilgrims who have walked the Way of St James. The cathedral is the shrine of the apostle St James and dominates this city for both pilgrims and tourists. The afternoon we arrived was cold and grey. The hotel room smelt of lavender detergent and vomit.

We asked for another room but there was none at the inn. So, we went to a wine bar. The spiritual and soul-uplifting experiences promised by this city could wait until we got uplift in another way. We discussed our quest in the lobby of the hotel and an American woman suggested A Taberna do Bispo as one of the best tapas places she had ever been to: whilst rueing her impertinence, we took up her suggestion, finding the place via Google Maps. It was crowded and we sat at the bar near the beer dispensers. And we ordered two glasses of whatever the waiter thought fit.

My instructions were: red please, not too expensive and typically Spanish. He poured two glasses of Rioja. And here the need to judge left me like a foreign bride who now has her permanent residence. I just sipped, nodded, gave the waiter a thumbs up and got stuck into a feast chosen from the dishes on display that included jamon Iberico basically crusty bread and excellent ham , stuffed mushrooms, seafood salad and fried calamari.

He and his wife were doing a tour of Spain on a motorbike and he was engaging and slightly soused. We took turns in elongating the word and at changing the drawn out rrrrs into a soft growl. On holiday that terribly engrained idea that you must judge and value everything is more easily let go.

On holiday sitting at the bar at the Taberna do Bispo, I no longer felt that need. This often means you hardly have. If this constant judging is not proffered some look at you with the hint that you have failed or worse that you are dim witted or perhaps already inebriated.

The suspension of judgement made the start of the holiday memorable. When I returned to Canberra, I sought out a locally made tempranillo to perhaps evoke that wonderful evening and the light raspberry flavours and easy drinking that I recalled. The shop had a Mount Majura Tempranillo in stock. How could I not judge that it was better leaving the wine on the shelf? On top of the renovated Quay Hotel which has beautiful lawns adorned with pieces of art , Sandbar is a daring adventure.

Six courses are listed on the menu with a surprise seventh always thrown in at one point for good measure. We enjoyed a pre-dinner drink in the lounge area overlooking the water before settling in for an amazing food experience. Quay Hotel is just across the road from the Marina. Our first course was a Moonlight oyster, with cuttlefish, fennel. Could this dining experience get any better? We all loved the barramundi with leek puree and adored the citrusy bright yellow Yuzu dotted around the plate. The beef was wonderful and the blood-orange kosho, a Japanese condiment that will pretty much spice up anything, was intriguing.

Before dessert came a surprise parfait of tofu with rhubarb and crystallised black olive, featuring liquorice tones. What a wonderful combination of flavours. The dessert looked so gorgeous Octopus with chilled kombu tea. The white miso and balls of honeydew sitting on parfait with strawberry, Pernod, refreshing cucumber sauce. The menu at Sandbar is designed Next up was a delicate salmon around south-coast produce, with confit with sea urchin from MonDavid using French techniques and tague Island.

It came atop a crunchy Japanese inspiration. It was covered in a parsnip set with cloth napkins, beautiful foam, with pretty nasturtium glassware and stunning dinnerware. Cutting We topped off the night with through revealed a range of beauti- amazing sake Sandbar has a great ful layers and textures. A Bay. Open Wednesday to Saturday for stock, made from Kombu tea, dinner.

Fully licensed. And, lo, the blossom is bursting AS the days get longer and warmer, blossom trees are starting to burst in all their glory, none more so than the spectacular Magnolia stellata or Star Magnolia by our front door. One of my favourite photos is the one here of a bud starting to shed its winter coat and break into full flower. Our Michelia figo or Port Wine magnolia has thousands of small brown buds.

As with daphne, take a few sprigs inside for a divine fragrance. The plant can be kept to about 1. Since then I have written garden articles and, surprisingly, I am never short of a subject. Remember those distant days when gardens were large enough to accommodate large shade trees? It can be kept at one metre tall by regular trimming for a low hedge or. Plant Growers Australia have promoted and supply retail nurseries with quite a number of these daphne, with Eternal Fragrance and Spring Pink being two I recommend. As the name suggests the pure white flowers have a lovely fragrance.

IN the daphne family was really small with Daphne odora the most common variety. Since then, mainly through Robin White and his specialist daphne nursery in England, there are now more than varieties. Whilst generally thought to have come from China, most come from the hot toe of Italy to the Piedmont north. We have a mere 20 varieties growing in our garden, purchased mainly from Merry Garth nursery in. Give them a boost with Neutrog Seamungus fertiliser, either as pellets or in liquid form.

Prune any dead branches and all new shoots to three to four shoots on each stem. Deliveries available 6 days a week. Come and visit one of our depots to view our extensive range of products. But, if you are too recklessly impulsive especially on Tuesday and Wednesday then you could find yourself involved in an argument, accident, financial fiasco or friendship drama. So smart Rams will choose creative problem solving over feisty fireworks.

Are you stuck in a personal rut? Try to view any upset positively, as it forces you to view a current situation from a totally different perspective. Then you can step in and do something about it. Also, an ambitious project requires much more planning than you originally thought. Concentrate on enjoying the long and winding journey, rather than just focusing on the destination. You love to hear the sound of your own voice as you chat, converse and communicate. However, sometimes you can confuse talking about something with actually doing it!

If you think things through and then act with passion and purpose, the next seven days will go well.

Confession: I tampered with your horoscope

This week you can expect a fiery drama involving friends, groups or shared finances. If you are flexible and maintain your sense of humour, then it will soon settle down. On Thursday and Friday, Crabs will feel mighty curious as the Sun and Mercury link up in your travel, communication and neighbourhood zone.

Electric excitement is in the air this week, as manic Mars does a fiery cosmic dance with unpredictable Uranus. Thursday and Friday are fabulous days to take a good long look at your financial situation.

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  • Australia announces $3million for cannabis and cancer research in wake of Canberra's legalization.

Can you do better? Perhaps you should educate yourself about money mattes or heed the advice of a fiscal professional? Remember — knowledge is power. This week the Sun and Mercury your ruler link up in your sign, which boosts concentration and sharpens your eye for hidden details. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life. A relationship with a child, teenager, lover or friend is likely to veer off in a totally unexpected direction. Which could be wonderful or woeful, depending on the circumstances. Whatever happens, drop the perfectly planned schedule and just take things as they come.

Expect an emotional roller-coaster ride this week, as manic Mars and disruptive Uranus stir up problems in relationships and unpredictable moods at home. Or you may have to deal with a gob-smacking surprise that really rocks your Scorpio world! So avoid making any important long-term decisions until things have settled down. Thursday and Friday are fantastic days to network with colleagues, contribute your creative ideas to a class or shine within a group situation. The cosmic pace picks up on Tuesday and Wednesday, when Mars and Uranus turbo-charge your fast and fiery energy.

Slow down and calm down Sagittarius! Otherwise you could find yourself smack-bang in the middle of an argument or accident. But these challenges will help you develop and mature in wise and wonderful ways. It will just take a degree of distance before you can see how far you have come! There will certainly be some surprising shenanigans this week. But the Sun and Mercury encourage you to keep things in perspective, as you adopt a practical and sensible long-term view.

For example, her boss told her that her laundry costs were deductible. Without a logo you do not have a claim. This is not the case. You have to be able to substantiate any claim you make. The ATO even puts out a calculation method for claiming laundry costs. As you do not wear a uniform as defined you won't be able to claim a laundry deduction.

What about that situation? But remember, you can't claim shoes or black pants that you might wear to work and are not part of the uniform. However, if you pay a joining fee when you join a new association that fee is not deductible you can only claim the annual membership fee. You may also have some technical or professional journals that you can claim and, again, you will need to keep receipts. Libby left my office confident and prepared to do her tax returns for this year and next.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by work pressures, personal problems or relationship politics? However, if you sit on the sidelines for too long, then you run the risk of being permanently sidelined! So aim to be a calculated risk-taker, rather than a reckless rebel. And take extra care when driving.

It is a good week to display your bohemian nature and express your eccentric views. For new ways of reducing your bills and environmental footprint, while increasing your comfort level, come and check out sustainability in action at The Link. See More. On the night, Canberra nurse Danniele Hunter will speak about her time volunteering with Mercy Ships, which is a hospital ship that delivers free health-care services and aid to those without access in the developing world.

Photo by Peter Hislop. Story Page NO FEE. Gardening Farm Maintenance tasks Training is provided. Ms Gallagher, who was Greek Islands holiday has won him a return trip to the idyllic destination. Thursday to Sunday Dalby Street, Fyshwick fyshwickmarkets. One would imagine if the government was facing up to its responsibilities on ageing, that we would be seeing more parklands being established, not the current trend of reducing community spaces and reducing the precious urban forests. Former diplomat Don Bruce… at 97 still swinging a driver.

Children under 2 years and people who have complex health issues should visit their GP. Ask us anything! Almost immediately she became the American Ama- teur Racquetball Champion going on to win the American Professionals three times and the Canadian Championship an extraordinary five times. Digital edition August 22 CityNews - August 21, 0.

Digital edition August 15 CityNews - August 14, 0. WHEN her blood sugar levels started to rise after taking a new job in Woden last year, business analyst Kate Swan set out to figure out why. Digital edition August 8 CityNews - August 7, 0. Digital edition August 1 CityNews - July 31, 0. Digital edition July 25 CityNews - July 24, 0. Digital edition July 18 CityNews - July 17, 0.

Digital edition July 11 CityNews - July 10, 0. Digital edition July 4 CityNews - July 3, 0. Digital edition June 27 CityNews - June 26, 0.

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